1. Keep chat relevant to the channel you are in.
  2. Do not spam messages, macros, or bot commands.
  3. Do not abuse pings. @Administrators, @Moderators, @username#1234, etc
  4. Keep chat civil, polite and appropriate. Do not abuse or insult anyone. Do not start arguments against others, take them to DMs if you must.
  5. Do not post anything racially / sexually insensitive anywhere on the server.
  6. Do not share malicious or pirated media (media is defined but not limited to Games,ISOs,ROMs,Films,Music)  This will lead to an instant ban. We do not condone piracy.
  7. No advertising, this includes self promotion
  8. Don't be dumb, or a jerk please. Use common sense, be nice, don't speak or act in a way you wouldn't be happy with if a stranger approached you in the street.
  9. Do not single anyone out for their race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else.
  10. Abide by everything in the Discord ToS (https://discordapp.com/terms) and Community Guidelines (https://discordapp.com/guidelines).
  11. Admins can shut down a conversation if they feel it's not appropriate for this server. Please do not backseat moderate or question a staff member's decision.
  12. Please no NSFW content
  13. Please no talk of religion and/or politics, everyone has an opinion and this ALWAYS leads to arguments
  14. Please note anything discussed here is confidential and should be treated as such
  15. By joining this discord you are automatically taken to agree to all rules as stated and to act with the best interests of the documentary production and abide by the wishes of the Administrators, Moderators and Production Team
  16. We are a positive community looking to the future and we are supportive of each other and all CreatorVC's past, current and future projects, any negativity may result in your participation in the community being revoked.
  17. Claiming to have not read the rules is not a sufficient defence against any rule-breaking.