Last Updated: September 6, 2023


Thank you for your support of our crowdfunded documentaries. With your contribution, we've been able to bring stories to life that might otherwise go untold. One way we show our appreciation is by including your name in the credits. This guide offers clarity about our process and our approach to managing errors.

Key Dates

  • August 31st: Digital copies of the documentary were dispatched to all backers via email.
  • September 5th: Final date for backers to identify and report any inaccuracies in the credits.

How We Handle Errors in Credits

  1. Receiving your digital copy: On August 31st, all backers were emailed a digital version of the documentary. This allowed you to view the film in advance and verify the credits for accuracy.

  2. Error Reporting Window: Errors in the credits needed to be reported by September 5th. This could range from misspellings to omissions or other discrepancies.

  3. Importance of the Reporting Deadline: Our post-production process for documentaries is intricate. The credits, once finalized, are embedded in several versions of the film, be it digital, theatrical, or physical formats. Making changes after the deadline would significantly disrupt the distribution process and timelines.

Missed the Error Reporting Window?

If an error has been identified after September 5th, we regrettably cannot modify the credits in the film. This strict adherence to deadlines is crucial to ensure timely and consistent distribution.

Tips for Avoiding Future Errors

To minimize the possibility of inaccuracies in upcoming projects:

  • Double-check the name you provide during the crowdfunding campaign for its correctness.
  • Keep an eye on the email address you used during the crowdfunding initiative. All pivotal updates, previews, and communications will be routed through this channel.

Require More Assistance?

Your backing is invaluable to us, and we aim for your entire experience to be seamless. If you face any challenges or have queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team at

Thank you for being an integral part of our mission to produce impactful documentaries!