What is In Search of Darkness Unlimited?

Darkness Unlimited is a membership service offering over 20 hours of unseen material from the In Search of Darkness archives. This includes more critical takes, more insider tales, and more horror content. Visit insearchofdarkness.com to sign up. 

How can I subscribe to Darkness Unlimited?

You can subscribe to Darkness Unlimited for $39.99, which gives you 6 months of access. You can cancel your subscription anytime. The service is available globally and has no geographic restrictions. 

What content is available on Darkness Unlimited?

Darkness Unlimited offers:

  • 20+ Hours of Exclusive Unseen Content: This includes the equivalent of four more In Search of Darkness documentaries.
  • 25 Long-Form Interviews with ‘80s Horror Icons: Extended interviews with legends like Tom Savini, Nancy Allen, Joe Dante, Keith David, Doug Bradley, and more.
  • Year-by-Year Film Retrospectives & Theme Videos: Combining content from In Search of Darkness I, II & III into year-by-year retrospectives.

I was an early backer of Darkness Unlimited and added the service as an upgrade when supporting In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994. How do I access the content?

Early backers who added Darkness Unlimited as an upgrade were sent emails on November 13th with instructions on how to log in and access the content.

What should I do if I haven't received my login instructions email?

If you are an early backer and have not received your email with login instructions, please reach out to support@creatorvc.com for assistance.

Can I cancel my subscription to Darkness Unlimited?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription to Darkness Unlimited at any time.

Is there a trial period for Darkness Unlimited?

There is no trail period. Subscriptions are available for 6 months access.